Update For Mobile (Funding)

Recent research undertaken by IEDR into Irish SMEs and Micro-Enterprises online presence and e-commerce capabilities has found that the Mobile Website Fundingvast majority of companies are not fully utilising the Internet or online sales opportunities to drive growth in their businesses.

The results of a survey of 501 Irish SMEs and Micro-Enterprises show that while 63% have a website, 91%of these are unable to process sales.  More details of the initial findings of our research can be found in this infographic.

The good news is that the IEDR e-Commerce Website Development Fund, OPTIMISE, is here to help.

The Fund works with business owners to plan, develop and implement significant web enhancements and e-commerce capabilities to their existing websites. Now, in its fifth year, the Fund has thus far provided technical and marketing consultancy, training and web development services to over 60 Irish companies.

IEDR, alongside its Fund Ambassador, Francis Brennan, is calling on all SMEs and Micro-Enterprises to apply to the 2015 fund, valued at €150,000, to enhance their existing web offering and benefit from e-commerce functionality.