How to spot a Paypal Scam Email

I got an email from a client recently who rightfully suspected they got a Scam email – Thought I’d share my tips on how to spot a scam email …



Hi David
I think this is a scam
What do I do?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 09.44.34


you’re right its a scam !
Don’t worry your account has NOT been limited .
The email is just trying to provoke you so that you will follow the link and give them your actual paypal login details.

Just mark that email as junk – (and others like it)

You can easily see that the email is not from Paypal because the “from” address is ( …. and not the official paypal address.

Also when you do click on the link which looks like it links to the Paypal website, it doesn’t. it  links to a different site that looks like paypal login….

Hope that helps.

Bye for now,



Follow Up….

After sending the email I followed the link and could see that it was placed on a website which was hacked ! and then this scam page was placed on it.

I contacted the website which had been hacked and informed them what I found out… Hopefully the will sort it  :/