How to stop Contact Form 7 Spam

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 16.56.55Even though we have installed “Really Simple CAPTCHA” plugin on our Contact Form 7 we’re still getting lots of spam coming into our inbox every 10 minutes. Seems the Captcha plugin has a problem !

We had a look at installing other Captcha / Forms but that would mean re-doing forms and installing them on our page .

But we have seemed to have stopped the spam with any extra plugins or work – just by installing an extra field in the form for security .

It is basically an email field – except its labelled as “Security Code” and the code you have to type in is basically a bogus email address…

Feel free to try it for yourself.

Add this code to your Contact Form7

<p>Enter Security Code:   2i@kh567.jk
[email* Security]</p>