CD & DVD Duplication

We Build our CD-ROM’s from scratch, we don’t use templates or automatic generators, this gives us great flexibility and means we can adapt to any specific requirements.CD- Roms play automatically on your computer from a CD. They act and look just like a website except you don’t need to be connected to the internet to view it.

Play movies and Music
Play movies and Music or have voice over synchronised with animation. Download files and link to external documents, PDF’s and websites.

Bring your CD-ROM to life with Flash animation

When it is done properly Flash can add so much to a CD-ROM. Why write reams of text to describe something when you can simply show a movie. With flash you can animate text and images play music, voice over and videos. It can be used in a CD-ROM or a website. It can be that nice feature that really sells your product and raise the profile of your company.

Booklet Navigation
if you just printed a new book and want to put it on a CD-ROM its a great way for you to promote and present your book to your customers. It can look and act just like a real booklet. Turn pages, with the back and next buttons or use the slider, pages look like they are made of paper, you can even have a stiff cover.

Promotion Movies
If you you have something you’d like to advertise or promote on your CD-ROM a Flash movie can say it all. It is also useful for step by step guides and “How it works” movies. Its like having an TV advert on your CD-ROM.

Introduction Animations
play at the first page of a CD-ROM but users usually can skip it if they choose. they are primarily used to quickly introduce the company’s products and services and in some cases they are also used to simply entertain.