Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

The mysterious process of designing a logo from scratch can sometimes be obscured by the appearance of a perfectly formed finished design that looks like it came out of a package. In actual fact it can take a quite a while and quite a number of concepts and developments to achieve.

Lets take a look at the process :


Stage one :  Concept Exploration

After a discussion with the client we begin to develop the initial ideas with some development and use of preferred colours.


Stage two : Concept Development

Taking the concepts and developing one or two ideas a step further .

Stage three: Font Exploration

Deciding which font might best suit your business is an import step – and can sometimes take a delicate balance.


Stage four: Final Development

Exploring the final design in different environments with different background colours



Stage five: Final Design

Last step is to assemble the final design and deliver it as a package with guidelines on how the logo should be displayed in different environments explored in previous step.

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