Job Search Website

Job Search Website

Tefl Jobs is an online tool for finding TEFL jobs and for finding TEFL teachers. There are 2 main users of the website and both have specific needs to be fulfilled. For the teacher we made a simplistic job search page which creates preview details of the jobs which can be expanded. The teacher can then apply with just one click or save the job for review at a later date.

The recruiter has a simple job posting page which asks for specific criteria, so that when they post their job it actually matches with the teacher criteria so that at a glance teachers can see id the job is a good fit or not.

We use Social media to promote the website which is integrated using like buttons and comment boxes which can be via google yahoo or facebook. Page links can be copied and posted / shared on to all social media websites.

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There is a simple sign up process again we have used Facebook to help with this where you can create a profile with 1 click .

And of course it is designed to appear perfectly on mobile devices as well as desktop computers

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