Logo Developed using Facebook

Logo Developed using Facebook

We love this time of the year because its Festival Season and we get to work on cool projects like The Gap Arts Festival Logo, Posters , Flyers, Booklet and Website.

This years logo was developed online using Facebook.  I posted the latest designs and then made changes based on Feedback from comments. Of course I had the final word but sometimes its more fun to work with other peoples ideas.

The polygonal shape is formed from an array of equilateral triangles arranged to create a G in the negative space. The main issue on “Facebook commenters”  was with the colours . Some people opting for the “Wexford” colours of Purple and Gold and some liking a range of tones from one colour such as green or Blue, which although looks nice, is a bit too serious.

The final result has been a hit ! Many siteing the rainbow effect as topical for the most recent gay pride campaigns throughout the world. However the rainbow flag has many forms and is used as a symbol of Peace and is used as the “international co-operative movement” flag and also represents the legacy of the Inca Empire and other Andean movements.

In the end we opted for rainbow tones to represent the many different facets of the arts festival, which is a mix of family friendly fun and top level performances from professional productions, and the Wexford Colours worked well in the main title, so why not.

You can see the development at the bottom of the page.

Check out : http://gapartsfestival.com/


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Logo Development