What do you need to build a website ?


Pick a Name

Register Your Domain Name

A website address, a.k.a. your “.com name”. It doesn’t have to be a “.com” or even a “.ie”, there are many options but not all are available to buy .

Tip: Pick something short and memorable, then check to see if its available. Use the search tool above to get started.

Website Hosting

Pick a Good Website & Email Hosting Provider

We recommend blacknight.com – they have a starter package for around €50 per year. The support is prompt and you can phone or email your queries. If you dont want to manage your own hosting by yourself, we can do it for you. Free hosting for first year for websites we design.

Includes: Hosting Setup, Email Setup, Support, Back-up and text changes to your website.

We recommend choosing a good hosting provider, if you need some advise get in touch.

Tip: Pick a Hosting Providers who is based in the same country as your customers, that way you getting higher rankings on search results for that country (because your website ‘lives’ there).

Your Website

What Type of website do you need ?

Do you want to sell products online ? Or do just want customers to see your services online? Maybe you just want to show your portfolio of work or the products your provide, or maybe you need a custom built website so you can incorporate many elements into one neat Application or maybe you just need a 4 page website with a facebook feed ?

Tip: Start with creating the Main Menu… Home..About..Services..etc And then work you may down the pages, and ask yourself how you want your website to work… before you know you will have created a “Website Spec” that you can send to a Web designer to get a Quotation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Website will need to seen before it can be effective

Getting a top 10 results in your search term is vital for website performance. There are many tools including Google Adwords – but that cant beat a well designed SEO ready website, which research has shown gets chosen above paid adverts by most internet users. Why ? Relevancy. Your website has to contain keywords and words related to your keywords before a Search Engine will consider your site as a possible result for the search term you want to be found under.  If you do the right things in the right order there’s no reason you cant be on the first page of your desired result.

Tip: Consider who your market is. What would they type in to find a service like yours? What country are they in? Would they include a location e.g.” Web Design Wexford”.