[ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span=”4″]To save on costs in the last few years many Businesses have setup wordpress websites.

They’re easy to set up and maintain but often requires a bit of web development knowledge or coding to bring it up to spec .

It can be difficult find the time to trawl through the reams of blogs and support sites out there to get it right. That’s why I’m offering a full re-design service with support.  And if you don’t have WordPress installed I can include setup and I can even include 1 Year Free Web & Email Hosting if you need it .

[ap_list list_type=”ap-list3″] [ap_li]Hosting & Domain Name Setup[/ap_li] [ap_li]Web / Graphic Design[/ap_li] [ap_li]Mobile Compatible Design[/ap_li] [ap_li]Initial Setup and construction[/ap_li] [ap_li]Update-able website with Database[/ap_li] [ap_li]Add, Pages, Photos, Video, Galleries, Slideshows[/ap_li] [ap_li]Contact Forms[/ap_li] [ap_li]Google Map Integration[/ap_li] [ap_li]Social Media Integration[/ap_li] [ap_li]Search Engine Optimisation[/ap_li] [ap_li]Website Analytics Installation & Setup[/ap_li] [ap_li]Paypal, Realex or Elavon Payment Processing[/ap_li] [ap_li]Add/edit/delete Products – with photos/gallery and price.[/ap_li] [/ap_list]

To find out about how to Update Your WordPress Website Get in touch

For more info on wordpress go to

NB: All offers on this website are subject to terms & conditions and maybe no longer running.

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“We have a WordPress Site … But a website re-design was a bit beyond our ability … Now we have a fresh new design on a system we already know pretty well”

( Exhibition Budgerigar Society )

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